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I’ve been using CrispAds now as a publisher (see ad in this post) as well as an advertiser. I’ve made a whopping .46 cents so far as a publisher (thanks to the two people who have clicked on my crispads.)

The amount I’ve made really means nothing because it’s really only relative to how many people have viewed my ads. That is the statistic that one should look at. My stats so far are actually fairly promising, given the absolutely untargeted nature of the ads being displayed. The ads I’m displaying are getting a .54% clickthrough percentage. That’s nothing to write home mom about, but let’s run the numbers for If Glenn Reynolds were to achieve the same percentage I’m getting, instead of .46 cents, he would be making somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 to $300 a day in revenue from CrispAds.

Those are the numbers as a publisher. As an advertiser, I’m doing better. I’ve since added more ads for other things I do, but the one ad I’ve had up for a few days now is actually getting a 1.45% clickthrough ratio. That’s freaking incredible considering the product I’m advertising is just about as untargeted to a typical blog audience as you can get. (It’s a “general population” type of item.)

This time I’m putting it in the middle of the post instead of at the bottom. Hmmm… how does it look?

BTW: Please look at my ads, but don’t click on them just to earn me money. It’s not fair to the advertiser. Only click on them if you are truly interested in what’s being advertised.

I’d like to close with a suggestion… I’d love to spend more as an advertiser but they need more publishers to DISPLAY MY ADS. Come on bloggers, get with it… I’m begging to give you some money through CrispAds. Sign up and start displaying some Crispys, shall we?

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