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I thought I would be the first to market with this concept, but someone else beat me to it. It’s called and they allow you to insert text based ads in your RSS or ATOM blog feeds. (I’ve inserted an ad into the bottom of this post.)

I think this is a marvelous idea. (Of course I think so since I’m working on the same type of service at my domain

CrispAds is a bit sparse from a feature standpoint. But that’s to be expected since they just launched. We’ll give them some time to implement better reporting features as well as better instructions. There’s absolutely no “help” links in either the advertiser or publisher login screens. Plus, I ran into some troubles trying to create a new ad in the advertiser’s login screen while using Firefox. But the folks at CrispAds were quick to respond and they might even have that glitch fixed as I write this. I haven’t tried it with Firefox since I reported the problem.

Part of the reason I don’t allow full text of my blog entries to be seen via blog readers is because the advertising isn’t carried over. So with the advent of ads that can be seen through RSS feeds, this will be good for all parties. It will allow readers to read entire posts via the convenience of blog feed readers like and other such services while at the same time allow bloggers the chance to be paid for all their reader traffic, not just the traffic to their hosted blog presence.

I’m really surprised Google hasn’t already entered this space in a big way especially since they own Curious.

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