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How many cars do you see now with the 2004 election bumper stickers on their backside? I see LOTS of them. They’re everywhere. I was smart enough to put my Bush/Cheney sticker on my back window. Putting them on the window allows for a much easier removal.

But what about those poor saps that put them on their bumpers? How many do you think will still be there when they trade in their cars? Again… LOTS!

Why not learn how to easily remove bumper stickers then put together a tool box full of the proper equipment and head off into middle class America’s neighborhoods.

Talk about cherry picking. Wow. Just walk down the streets and spot cars sporting outdated bumperstickers and ring their door bells. If you look professional, clean cut, maybe even make up an identification badge and hang that from your shirt. Tell the owner that you’re in the neighborhood removing bumper stickers and you’ll be glad to do theirs for your standard fee of $6 for the first sticker and $2 for each additional. Tell them you know exactly what you’re doing and you’ll leave the paint underneath as good as the paint around the sticker and they’ll never even know they had a sticker on their backside to begin with.

This will work particularly well with anti-Bush.. uh-hum, I mean Kerry supporters. I suspect they will want to remove any and all evidence of such a hideous memory from their backsides as quick as possible.

I would imagine your closing ratio on this would be pretty high. Perhaps even as much as 50% of more. Particularly if you work the middle to upper middle class neighborhoods that won’t miss $6 and will want to have their nice cars back in apolitical condition without having to get down on their knees AND risk scratching their cars because they don’t know what they’re doing. Find just 25 customers a day and you’re making $150 a day without breaking much of a sweat.

Of course, you’d want to upsell your services to increase your revenue while you’re there. Tell them for an additional $7 you’ll spray both license plates with a substance that will make their plates virutally impossible to take a picture of by those photo (Nazi) radar detector devices. Do up a little flyer that explains how the photoblocker spray works and give it to them and tell them to take a look at it while you’re taking care of their bumperstickers. Then they can let you know about the license plate spray job when you come back to the door to collect your payment for the bumpersticker removal. If they want it, they’ll tell you then. If they don’t, no big deal. Move on to the next car. By asking, though, you’ll probably increase your daily revenue by 40%-50%.

There’s opportunity in almost everything you can see, touch, hear and even taste. But you gotta be thinking in those terms at all times.

I mean ALL THE TIME!!!

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