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I’ve officially launched It’s one of the 274 businesses I’m constantly in the middle of developing. This one has finally bubbled to the surface. I’ve got in place the proper equipment to facilitate its success and now all we need are bloggers to jump on board.

SIDE NOTE: I just wish I would have had all this t-shirt making equipment back before the election. I was doing some REALLY good business with one of my spur of the moment ideas at The idea came to me on a Friday, I built the site on Saturday morning, placed a couple of blog ads and google adword ads and was making money with it by Monday evening. The problem was, I was using cafepress to do the t-shirt fulfillment so I was getting VERY LITTLE per shirt. I had to do the custom graphic for each shirt and upload it which was a major pain. If I had the stuff to do it myself like I have now, I would have been raking it in. I sold a TON of these shirts the month before the election. Scads of them! (I still wear my Bush/Sherman shirt!)

Anyway, I digress… so, why would a blogger choose to use to fulfill t-shirt orders for their blog? Besides little things that you’ll only realize once you order and receive a t-shirt, the price is the biggest draw. We specialize in blog t-shirts and that’s it. So, we don’t have to maintain a large inventory and staff and facility and all the other overhead that goes into maintaining an operation like cafepress or zazzle. The two major players in this category. Each of the blog owners that sell their shirts from our site receive $10 for each shirt sold. The shirts are priced at $23 and we don’t charge the customer for shipping. So, if you do the math… cafepress charges YOU $14 for each of your store’s shirts ordered. Then they charge the customer at least $4 for shipping. That’s $18 per shirt right off the top. So, you’d have to charge $28 per shirt in order to realize the $10 profit per shirt that we’re offering by selling the same shirt at $23. Your blog visitors get a less expensive shirt option and YOU get more money at a lower price.

Not to mention the hands off nature of our service. With cafepress, you have to do all the image uploading, maintaining the store, paying monthly fees if you have a pro store… etc. With us, we give you an image you can advertise on your blog and a link to link it to. Viola! You’re in business. Yes, you can give us a custom image if you want one, but you don’t have to do anything other than give us the image.

So if you have a blog, check us out. Who knows… maybe your readers want to show others that they read your blog. At least give them a chance. 🙂

P.S. In case you remember a post back in June of last year about $150 t-shirts, it was placed on the backburner. I still think it’s an incredible idea but it’s going to take way more time than I have right now to dedicate to it.

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  1. Just a short tip – instead of cafepress or zazzle, I would recommend to you – they are a European leader in that market now entering US. It’s much easier to design the tshirts over there and shipping and quality are much better. Try it out…

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