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If you’ve followed my blog for over a few months, you might remember that I made an earthquake prediction back on September 2nd, 2004. In that prediction, I said this:

I just hope the intensity of the event doesn’t directly correlate with the intensity of the physical manifestation I’ve been experiencing. If it does, it will be absolutely devastating. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

There was actually two earthquakes in Japan a few days later. They were big enough to make it on to Drudge’s site. But I voiced my opinion that I didn’t think that was the end of it. Only because the physical manifestation that I get before impending seismic activity was of such intensity that I was convinced that we were in for a very major event soon. In my subsequent post reporting the two Japan quakes, I said this:

But, for some reason, because of the intensity of the “thing” that happens to me before earthquakes, I don’t think those two earthquakes are going to be the end of it. I believe we have some more coming up in the next 24 hours or so. But because seismic activity is so dependent on many things, it could be that what I experienced is the set up for something really major in the near future. Who knows… it’s such an inexact science. But don’t be surprised if we get another big jolt somewhere before it quiets down.

After what happened on December 26th, I sure wish I had been wrong. 🙁

Update: I’ve been urged to mention my book as it relates to this post. My ability to sense earthquakes could be directly related to this. I try not to mix this blog with my book as I don’t want people to think I wrote the book as a “biz opp” but I think it may give context to how I have the ability to predict earthquakes so accurately. God only knows if there is an actual link. But my guess is that there is, somehow.

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