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You’ve probably seen the video blooper shows and sometimes they show a montage of cars sliding into one another during ice storms.

If you have a particularly bad intersection in your area that gets a little dicey during snow or ice storms, next time you have one, take your video camera to the corner and some warm clothing and essentially camp out at the intersection with your camera trained on the intersection. If it’s a really icy hill or something like that, you’re bound to capture some really good video. Depending on how much footage you get, you can edit it all together and sell the video on the internet or perhaps even to local news agencies. Of course, if you catch any really bad footage, the police might want to take a look at it for their ensuing report. But hopefully it’s just a bunch of sliding around and fender bendering. Set it to music with maybe an hour’s worth of footage and you got yourself a hit.

Be sure to get the people slipping and falling while walking down the sidewalk. Those are always good for a laugh.

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  1. I sincerely trust the person who published this piece was counting on reader’s ethical and moral values to kick in. The point ofcourse was not for someone to use a camcorder to photograph and later laugh at icy accidents but to alert us to our responsibility about the dangerous intersection. I know most of us got the point: to grab a shovel and do what is necessary to make the intersection safe!

    It was a clever way to nudge those that didn’t. Bravo!

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