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It appears my prognosticating post has begun to be noticed. Traffic yesterday was about 500 visitors. Today it was over 5100 visitors. The vast majority of it was from an Italian website that is comparing me to Nostrodamus. Yikes! So, benvenuti to all my Italiano visitors. (Interesting note: I was stationed in Italy when I was in the Air Force. San Vito down by Brindisi.)

Anyway, for those that can read English… please don’t compare me to Nostrodamus. He saw visions, I just hear or physically “sense” seismic activity. There’s a BIG difference. Mine is a physical sense, his was an “etheral” sense. My abilities have nothing to do with psychic phenomenon in any way shape or form.

Anyway, thanks to all of you that vouched for the authenticity of my earthquake prediction post back in September. Much appreciated.

I’d like to take this opportunity to defend myself a bit. There are people out there saying stuff like this:

I guess this proves that you can predict an earthquake at any time and be sure that one is around the corner.

My prediction is that there will be breathable air tomorrow.

Why do people feel a need to exagerrate in response to something they don’t understand? What a lousy analogy, anyway.

It would be different if I were constantly “predicting” things and then one time out of my hundred predictions, something actually happens. But I’ve never publicly predicted a thing in my entire life (I’ve logged predictions, but never made them public.) So, when someone who has never tried to predict anything in his entire life, suddenly, out of the blue, posts the following on September 5th, 2004:

I woke up this morning to what I expected, major earthquake activity. I went to bed last night convinced that the activity would happen in the next 24 hours and I was right. [Original prediction was on the 2nd] There were two sizeable quakes in Japan only 5 hours apart. They were even announced on Drudge’s news page, which is pretty much the litmus test for whether a quake is major enough to make it to the news or not.

But, for some reason, because of the intensity of the “thing” that happens to me before earthquakes, I don’t think those two earthquakes are going to be the end of it. I believe we have some more coming up in the next 24 hours or so. But because seismic activity is so dependent on many things, it could be that what I experienced is the set up for something really major in the near future. Who knows… it’s such an inexact science. But don’t be surprised if we get another big jolt somewhere before it quiets down.

Three and half months later, we have the largest earthquake on planet earth in 40 years. Now, I don’t even think any of the famous psychics out there can prove they said anything close to what I said that close to what actually happened.

Just take it at face value. Yes, it could have been a major coincidence, but boy it was a big one. I mean, I didn’t just say, “There’s going to be an earthquake.” In the original post, I said:

I have given a lot of thought to this entry before posting it. Only because I don’t want my readers to think I’m loopy. But, based on my historical accuracy and the level at which this particular event has been presenting itself, I believe I should at least mention it. Get it down on paper, so to speak. I’m writing this at 9:00am (PDT), September 2, 2004.

The physical symptom I get that presents itself prior to earthquakes happening was so intense and so severe that I thought I had to get it on public record. That is definitely putting one’s self out on a limb, wouldn’t you think?

Then to reiterate just how much I was convinced that something major was going to happen, I closed that post with this:

I just hope the intensity of the event doesn’t directly correlate with the intensity of the physical manifestation I’ve been experiencing. If it does, it will be absolutely devastating. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Again, I have to repeat myself here. I didn’t JUST say, “Oh, BTW, I think there’s going to be an earthquake sometime soon.” I said:

“…something really major in the near future.”

But of course, there are people even debating on what the definition of “near future” means.


It is what it is, people. If you want to believe in coincidences, fine. If you want to believe I can hear frequencies emanating from seismic activity, fine. If you want to believe John Kerry had a chance at becoming President, fine. Whatever.

But the bottom line is, I said what I said when I said it.

To hammer home my absolute confidence that something was going to happen, I posted this on September 29th:

This thing that happens to me before seismic activity was so intense (it’s never been so intense) that I had to conclude that it would result in an intense seismic activity or series of activities. Stay tuned…

That quote is referring to the actual physical thing that happens to me in my ears. It happened over a 2 day period at the end of August to the first day of September. I was actually deaf in one of my ears during that period of time and was about to go see the doctor when it subsided. It’s never been that severe since I began sensing seismic activity 20 some years ago.

So there you have it…

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  1. I live inland San Diego and I was wanting to know if a major earthquake was gonna hit here if so will it happen after March 6 06. thnak you Sandra

  2. Sorry, Sandra. It doesn’t work that way. I just hear a noise and can tell if it’s going to be severe, relatively speaking. But I can’t pinpoint the location on earth. Wish I could.

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