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In case you haven’t heard, ebay has upped their commissions to their affiliates. You earn commissions for signing people up as ebay members and generating bids on items up for auction. The low figure used to be $15 per sign up. Now it’s $20. The per bid commission has gone up as well.

Some ebay affiliates make over $1 million a month. That’s not a typo. Yikes!

So I got to thinking. The sign up commission starts at $20 per sign up. Why not rent out your local library’s meeting room, rent some old laptops for the day, set them up and put an ad in the paper advertising a free “Ebay Class” to all people who have never used Ebay before. Specify in your ad that if they’ve never signed up for ebay, the class is free. If they’ve already signed up and they just want to know more about how to use ebay, the class will be $25. (You can still get bid commissions off these attendees.)

If you get enough people to sign up consistently, you can buy your own used laptops (pretty cheap) and take your gig on the road. If you live in a big enough area, you could feasibly have a class every week. If you can get 50 people per class, 4 times a month, that’s 250 x $20. If you eventually own your own laptops, and you use the library which is really cheap, you can clear $5000 a month in sign up commissions. Of course, you’ll have them bid on something they want to buy, which will give you some more commissions. If you put together an ebay guide book of some sort or sell someone elses’ (through your affiliate account of course) that ups your take even more.

If you can have more than 1 going a week, that’s even better. Try to organize 1 a day. Perhaps in different parts of town or your state… wherever the numbers can support that many. Just hire someone to do the classes and you can just do the coordination part. Because if you have 1000 sign-ups per month, your commission is now $30 per sign-up. If you’re doing 30 classes a month, averaging 50 people per class, that’s $45,000 per month. If you have that many going on, you can pool your advertising money and do radio ads in a wide area… etc.

If you can do 60 classes a month, at 50 per class, you’re commission goes up again to $35 per sign up. Now you’re at $105,000 PER MONTH in sign up commissions PLUS the bid commissions you’d get with that many people bidding on things during the class.

There are numerous other ways you can add on revenue here. You could sell your attendees all kinds of add-on items. Use your imagination.

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  1. You stole my idea! (great minds think alike…)
    I had this idea many months ago but never found time to pursue it. I might do that now seeing as there’s more and more incentive.

  2. I would love to do this.. How do I get started? I went to ebays Educational Specialists form and filled it out. I got to the end and submitted it and it said something like not enough sales revenues… Just how much do I have to sell on ebay to teach others how to use ebay. I was even going to pay the 149.99 for the class they offered. ANY help would be appreciated. Thank you


  3. Hello, I love your idea about giving out free classes and getting them to sign up via your referral link. Got anymore? haha
    I’m an ebay UK power seller and the teaching programme has just arrived here on the UK ebay and looks good for someone like me who enjoys selling on ebay. I checked for ebay teachers in London (population 9 million) and there were only two other registered teachers!!!
    Has anyone had any experience of teaching ebay maybe in the USA?
    Have you found any problems? What would you consider a reasonable price to charge for the class?
    chris (England)

  4. Hi Chris,

    Sorry but my posts are for you to run with the idea on your own. I really don’t have time to answer people’s questions about the ideas. (I get a lot of questions!) The ideas I post are meant to give YOU a starting point to take an idea and run with it. It’s not meant as the start of a consulting gig with my readers. Haha!

    Hope you understand.


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