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I was minding my own business, driving home this afternoon from the post office and I noticed a huge pick-up truck next to me. It was obvious he was an artist from the text on the side of his truck and the big website URL emblazoned on the tailgate. But what was really remarkable and what actually caught my eye was that he had what appeared to be crossbars over the bed of the truck and on these cross bars he had mounted 3 of his huge sculptures. They were cinched down on the cross bars so as to be level with the sides walls of the bed of the truck and thereby visible by everyone driving by.

One of the sculptures was a huge eagle. I don’t much care for that “old west” type of art work, but boy, it sure caught your eye and you can tell he was very talented. He had a couple other ones visible as well, but the eagle got my attention and then he turned and I couldn’t keep looking because I was going straight. Here’s a picture of one of his sculptures.

But I went to his site when I got home. Turns out he lives in my town (population 16,000). His name is Lorenzo Ghiglieri and he’s quite the artist. He does paintings as well.

The point is what could you be doing with your own marketing efforts that you’re not currently doing just in your everyday lives. You could wear a nametag like Scott does. Or you could do like this Lorenzo guy is doing and displaying what he does in an unorthodox way. I would put money on the fact that Lorenzo is getting business from such a bold marketing manuever. It meets my litmus test of being “remarkable.”

What could you do to put a little “remarkable” into your business?

I’ve got a “remarkable” idea for those of you that have a retail store location or some other type of situation that relies on people to come to you. It’ll be in my next post.

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