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I literally had to read this asinine statement three or four times:

The 9th Circuit Court has now ruled that threatening to assassinate the President of the United States is protected speech under the First Amendment.

I’m just beside myself with anger, contempt and downright disgust. How about this for free speech, 9th Court asses? Perhaps if someone were to say in some rambling letter that they were going to blow up each of your houses, while you sleep, for a ruling as absolutely slanted as the one you just made regarding threatening the President of the United States. You wouldn’t be too keen on that free speech, now would you? Especially in the aftermath of the recent judge related shootings.

Just incredible. I keep wondering if I’m going to wake up some day to all the wacko liberals in America collectively saying, “Nah… we were just kidding. All that crap we said was just a joke. Of COURSE liberating 50 million people from tyranny was the right thing to do. Come on. We’re not idiots. Oh.. and of COURSE an innocent life is more important than a woman’s decision to conduct birth control after conception. What? Come on. We’re not idiots.”

But it won’t happen, because it’s simply true… they are.

Message to sane Dems… please take back your party and insert some sanity. It’s no fun trouncing the insane at the polls. It’s nice to win, but not against a hobbled, one-armed, cross-eyed numbskull.

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