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It seems someone who takes treasonous acts, no matter how long ago they occurred, very serious. A theatre owner in Kentucky has refused to show the movie Monster-in-Law because it stars Jane Fonda. In case you didn’t know, she has been unapologetic for giving aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War.

Here’s Hanoi Jane laughing it up with the very people shooting down American pilots at the time. Imagine Julia Roberts having a photo op with Al Queda fighters in Iraq, amidst a pile of explosives ready to be used as IEDs. Makes you sick, hey?

Hanoi Jane Having Fun with an NVA Gun Crew

Well, Ike Boutwell, owner of the Elizabethtown Movie Palace in Elizabethtown, KY, won’t have anything to do with supporting the success of Jane Fonda.

Until she gives a heartfelt apology for what she did to the American serviceman at the time, I won’t either. I’m going one step further. I’m sending money to Ike to help offset his lost revenue and to make a statement that I feel he’s doing the right thing.

If you want to send him money, please do so. Here’s the address of the theatre:

Ike Boutwell
1231 Woodland Drive
Elizabethtown KY 42701

If you don’t stand for what’s right, the bad guys win.

[Tip to Right Nation via Michelle Malkin]

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  1. I just have to comment on your blog. I think Mr Boutwell should get a MEDAL OF HONOR for not showing Monster in Law. Jane Fonda is a [edited… I don’t allow name calling on my blog even though I agree with Randy.. haha], then and now. All she’s done in life is use her family name and her pitiful morals to prostitute herself into events and situations. Keep up your good work.
    Randy Clouse, Modesto, CA

  2. Congratulations Mr Boutwell.

  3. Another Randy Clouse agrees with you.
    Randy Clouse
    American Fork, UT

  4. You are pathetic. How can you compare Al Qaeda today, bringing terrorism all over the world, with the North Vietnamese in the 1960s trying to free their own country from French & American troops ? Anyway, you lost this war, and you don’t seem to be able to understand that you lost it because it was simply not fair. We, French, lost the Algerian war for the same reasons : you can defeat an army, but you cannot defeat a people, even if (like in North-Vietnam) you deliberately turn their country into hell.
    Jane Fonda was one of the american citizen who understood this. It is incredible to see that 30 years later, you still can think the way you do. Anyway…

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