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Newsweek screwed up big time.

Here’s what I just wrote to Newsweek in cancelling my subscription. I recommend all subscribers do the same thing. We need for US publications to error on the side of AMERICA if they truly believe in the prevailing good of our intentions and actions across the world. If they don’t, that’s fine… but they shouldn’t get the support of the American people. Of course, no support and they go out of business.

Yes, we have freedom of the press but we also have freedom of association. Don’t associate yourselves with such drivel.

My cancellation note to Newsweek:

Please cancel my subscription to your magazine. I don’t want to support a publication that is so bent on the failure of the US in trying to do good around the world. Even IF the Koran incident had actually happened, what is gained by reporting this one act by some idiot? What higher calling is served? Don’t you want your own country to succeed in bringing Democracy to the rest of the world? Obivously, your goal is to discredit the current administration at all costs. Well, you’re succeeding but I hope at a high cost.

Please cancel my subscrition and refund the unused balance.

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