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I just learned a good lesson in blog ethics. If you want to go on a diatribe about something, you better check to make sure what you’re about to explode onto is justified.

I just deleted a post of mine that linked to what I thought was material given to kids in MA about gay sex… etc. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to give Article 8, the source of the information, any more exposure than necessary.

I did some major google searching and couldn’t find one reference to this literature that was supposedly being passed out to kids in MA.

So, I humbly apologize to you, my reader, for even bringing the subject up.

However, the literature was still very damning and a good representation of the deep lack of morality and decorum in the part of the gay community where this type of literature finds a home.

Thanks to a reader of the blog, William, for setting me straight on this issue. He lives near the school that was mentioned in the bogus information. He says:

I live about 3 miles from Brookline. The site you linked to is wrong. That gay pamphlet wasn’t handed out to kids at the high school — [at least] that’s what the actual students are saying and they are the ones who lack a vested interest, unlike the gay organizations and the anti-gay organizations, so I’m prone to believe them. Beyond that, the truth is uncertain as to its funding, or the specifics of its existence.

So, it is still possible it was handed out unofficially at the school, but this is a far cry from being officially sanctioned by the school. But for lack of any evidence such a thing happened, I must believe it didn’t.

He goes on to say:

If Newsweek had a responsibility to err on the side of America (in your opinion), then don’t you have a responsibility to err on the side of not believing a pure propaganda site like Article 8? It exists for one reason — to delegitimize gay people and negatively sensationalize everything having to do with them Just as all the gay organizations seem to exist for one reason — to not get out of my face and force everyone to love them.

He’s right in that I should have researched and errorred on the side of caution, of which I’ve already apologized.

However, I do not agree with William’s statement, “It exists for one reason — to delegitimize gay people…”

The site might exist to undermine the gay agenda of bringing the choice of who they sleep with into the category of being “normal” and forcing everyone to not only accept it but agree with it. (Yes, I said “choice” because we choose who to sleep with… perhaps not to whom we’re attracted to, but who we sleep with is a choice.) But “delegitimizing” isn’t the correct word. A gay person’s legitimacy should not be predicated on what they choose to do in their bedrooms (or public bathrooms), they are legitimized by the fact that they are human… like you and me and we already have rights for that category. Their gayness can neither be legitimized or delegitimized just as my love of chocolate chip ice cream can’t. That’s half the problem with the activist gay community’s agenda. They are seeking something that can’t be given. Because to give it would require people’s individual moralities to succumb to one group’s ideas of right and wrong and that just tain’t going to happen.

William also said, regarding a link to made to a man who was arrested for protesting what his child was learning in school regarding gay rights…etc:

That Lexington man wasn’t arrested for protesting homosexuality being taught in his kid’s school; he was arrested because he refused to leave and well, you can’t do that. It’s trespassing. The creation of mock persecution is a tool of both sides and it’s pretty obnoxious.

I agree that claiming persecution is highly irritating.

In this case, I would have done the same thing and would have been proud to be arrested. However, I would NOT have threatened or gotten violent with anyone. At least not at that point and I don’t get the impression that this parent did either.

But more to the point… why is a school teaching the things that this parent is irrate about? You can obfuscate and try your best to hide the real issue by having someone arrested for not leaving school grounds, but the issue is still there. Don’t teach my child stuff that goes against every moral fiber that runs through my household.

Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic! How hard is that to stick to?

Oh, and thanks to William, I have found that people can’t post comments to my blog for some reason. I’ll look into that.

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