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If I had to pick one mantra from the left that is the most annoying of them all, it’s the "rich getting richer, poor getting poorer" schtick. Of course, it’s true. We WANT our society to get richer and richer. But if someone who’s poor is getting poorer, it’s their own damn fault.

But we need to define our terms here. The "rich" aren’t getting richer. It’s the "productive" that are getting richer in America. Our "poor" people are victims of our country’s own runaway success. Our "poorest" people earn more money than 75% of the rest of the world’s population. (Give or take.) The baseline for our idea of being poor is so much higher than the rest of the world that we’ve created an endemic unwillingness to make the choices one needs to be even mildly more successful. Because unless I’m motivated to be as productive as I need to be to raise my living condition, sitting in my comfy easy chair, inside my air conditioned house, eating chips and drinking diet pepsi, watching cable tv, smoking cigarettes that cost me $5 a pack… isn’t such a bad living, on the whole.

So, unless I start making decisions in my life that move me in the direction of success and which motivate me to being more productive than my current situation demands, I’m not going to get much richer and I’m more likely than not, going to get poorer over time. My kids will probably follow suit, statistically speaking.

Case in point. Let’s take Alice, a 41 year old waitress, mother of 4, in Mosquito Spit, Alabama. (Names have been changed to protect the poor.) She was raised in a family that made bad choices in life so she didn’t start off all that good to begin with. (Again, bad decisions tend to be passed down from generation to generation.) Alice MADE A DECISION to drop out of High School to attend a trade school. Now she’s limited her options in life. Okay… not an altogether disatrous choice by itself. Let’s move on… Alice MADE A CHOICE to have unprotected sex with her high school boyfriend and got pregnant. Now her options in life have narrowed yet again, in the absense of any other mitigating circumstances. (Like winning the lottery, for instance.) Alice MADE A CHOICE to marry a man who wasn’t particularly ambitious in life. Alice MADE A CHOICE to buy that brand new car because it sure was nice. She can handle the payments as long as nothing else in life happens. She’ll worry about investing for her retirement later. Alice MADE A CHOICE to run up some credit card debt and pay the minimum balances from now until the end of time. Alice MADE A CHOICE to just work at the diner and then come home and watch TV or go out with her friends and/or husband and not look for ways to improve her situation like going to school or starting a side business or SOMETHING. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet another kid when paying the car payment was a huge strain at this point in life already. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet another kid. Alice MADE A CHOICE to have yet ANOTHER kid… putting her husband and herself permanently in the category of what we call poor.

Starting with that first choice and following her choices throughout her life, is it any wonder she’s poor and without health insurance? Sure, if you look at just today, a 41 year old woman with 4 kinds and barely making it from month to month, we can have pity and wonder "what’s happened to our country that we can let this 41 year old woman and her family make so little and not have health insurance?… etc."

But, here’s the kicker, folks… she CHOSE her station in life. Plain and simple. So why should I be the one that foots the bill for her to raise her situation? Unless she’s been horribly handicapped and cannot take care of herself or her kids, it’s HER choice to be where she’s at. Period! Here’s where the rubber meets the road and what you absolutely NEED to understand. This ability to choose is the GOOD thing about America. Not the bad thing. We have a choice in this country to either make decisions that lead us to success and relative comfort or the other way.

So, back to the stupid saying, "the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer." What’s assinine about this statement is it assumes that if I am a "rich" person and I’m making $1,000,000 a year, that same amount of money is being removed from circulation and no one else can make that same serial numbered quantity of currency because it’s being made by me, the rich guy.

It helps to put this in context by removing the money terminology. All money is is a physical manifestation of productivity. If I am productive for 1 hour, I earn $X of dollars in exchange for my productivity. So, money = productivity. Another example of this is direct money productivity. If I put $100 into an investment, that money is producing a unit of productivity for the company I invested it in. It gets money in return for its productivity called interest. So, no matter how you parse it, money = productivity.

Now, let’s go over this saying again, in context. The rich (productive) are getting richer (more and more productive.) The poor (relatively less productive) are getting poorer (less and less productive.) The bottom line is, you need to make choices in life that get you in a position to become more and more productive. This will create wealth in your lifetime. Bad choices will hamper you from being more and more productive over time and you will become poorer and poorer as you spiral downwards. Now, of course, there are varying levels of success and "rich". But you get my point. Life is a series of little choices. All of them lead somewhere. Make the right choices and America is where you want to be because the sky is the limit. Ironically, America is where you want to be also, if you’ve made piss poor choices all your life. But the point is, it’s YOUR CHOICE as to what end of that scale you end up finding yourself. Next post, I’m going to tell you my story of choices.

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