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I’ve created another fundable action over at Another cool t-shirt. This time for us bloggers. American bloggers, specifically. Remember, if we don’t get enough people to contribute within the preset time frame then everyone’s payments are automatically refunded and the fundable action is not carried out and cancelled.

You can see my other fundable action going on here.
Anyway, here’s the new t-shirt.

American Entrepreneur Tshirt

If we get 50 people to join this fundable group that I just created, by the end of July, I will have this t-shirt made for all of us. It’s ONLY $12. That includes first class shipping.

(If you require XXL or larger, I’ll need to get another $3 from you separate from the fundable group if it funds. So, please note this!)

The t-shirt will be on a high quality shirt (I hate crappy t-shirts, so you can be sure I will do the right thing here) and the image will be professionally screen printed onto the shirt.

This is a VERY cool t-shirt to sport if you are an American Blogger. So join our fundable group! It’s only $12. That’s cheap for a t-shirt now a days.

Click here to join this fundable group. You’ll have to create an account first. Then you can join the group.

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  1. Dan-

    Stumbled across yuur website while running a google search on door to door sales.

    I have been on your site now for well over 3 hours, literally pouring through the information. The ideas you have, as well as your insights are truly amazing. What are you reading to get your information and who are you hanging out with?

    I am always looking for books, tapes, people etc. to peak my interest and provide/swap ideas with. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to locate these resources – so any advice on where I should be looking, or who I should be networking with would be great.

    Additionally, what type of businesses are you running these days? Are you primarily internet-based retailing or what? The reason I ask is that I am heavily invested in real estate- primarily multi-family and commercial (dont worry, where I live its not like CA or FL- pretty stable here) but would like to leverage my sales ability and ambition to start something up – i.e. like the TIVO door to door sales.

    Anyways, I’d like to speak with you in person (phone) if possible. I am young, intelligent and extremely ambitious, and feel that I may be able to partner up with you to help take some of your ideas to the next level. Let me know how/when I can reach you.


    [email protected]

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