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Are you one of my young readers? If so, here is a short and sure fire way to stay out of poverty in the USA.

While guest hosting Rush Limbaugh’s radio program this morning, Walter Williams said something similiar. But this is my version:

1) Graduate High School
2) Don’t have children until you’re 30+ years old. When you do have children, do it AFTER marrying and stay married.
3) Take out 1 credit card to be used for things that require a credit card for buying… like renting a car… etc. Should be paid off at the end of the month when it is used.
4) Pay cash for everything except a house. If you can’t buy a car with cash, don’t get one. Period. It might be a clunker, but you don’t need anything you can’t pay cash for.
5) Work. Doesn’t even matter if it’s minimum wage, for someone else or yourself. Just work. Whatever you do work at, do it like the world depends on whether you do it correctly or not.
6) Never, never, under any circumstance should you say these two words… “I know.” Not until you’re at least 35 years old. Even if you actually do know what someone is telling you. Doesn’t matter, just nod and say thanks.
7) Never talk more than your conversational partner, whether at work or at play. The more questions you ask someone else about themselves, the more liked you will become. The more liked you are, the further and faster life will take you down the path.

You notice none of these steps are hard. Anyone can follow them. Even inner city youths. It doesn’t require special knowledge, money or heritage. It doesn’t even require college. It just requires good choices. That’s it. Just good choices.

If you do those seven things, consistently and don’t do stupid stuff in the process… like, oh, let me see… go to jail, kill, steal… etc, your life will be nothing but roses and by the time you are ready to retire, you will be sitting pretty.

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  1. When you do have children

    Replace “when” with “if” and I’m with you. Some of us have consciously chosen not to reproduce at all.

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