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Technology is getting to the point that it’s quite common now to see all kinds of products that were at one time only available in the thousands, without customization. Now we have things like shoes and M&Ms that can be customized.

Tshirts are no different now thanks in large part to machines like this one.

Screenprinting on tshirts used to be a fairly drawn out process. Especially for full color prints. It could take over 2 hours just to get everything set up. Of course, this didn’t lend itself to doing one original design per tshirt without spending a good chunk of change on that one shirt.

Now with the advent of ink jet screen printing technology, you can do original tshirt designs all day long at a very affordable price.

I’m going to write a lot of ideas on how to make a business of one-off tshirts and I’m sure you can think of a million ways to make money with this machine as well, but here’s my first idea.

Using my Ready-to-Print Sticky Sheets, print a message that will get people to your website. On your website, advertise the tshirt concept shown here:

Custom Tshirt Business Idea

You can’t see it very good in this image, but the house image has been given a “fresco” look to it. Kind of like when you stipple your walls with a sponge to give it an artistic affect. You can do this quite easily in today’s photo editing software. Takes about 2 minutes, tops. You can make the images look painted, or drawn… black and white. Whatever you think would look good.

So, at the same time you’re putting the advertisement on their door, you are also taking a picture of their house using your digital camera. Of course, noting the address with the number of the image on your disk. You do this for 500 homes in one day. (It’s a full day of work, that’s for sure.)

Meanwhile, you’ve set up a cool looking tshirt site. When the customer sees your ad on their door and comes to your site, you tell them on the site that you’ve already taken a picture of their home. All they need to do is order a tshirt and viola, you’ll send them a tshirt with THEIR home pictured as the “Country Club” and their last name as the name of the Country Club.

Let them know that you’ll post the image that will be printed on their shirt on the website for them to see before you send it out. If they don’t like it, they can cancel their order with no obligation. (Get the order, however, before generating the image.) If they don’t respond within 48 hours (or whatever) from the time you post the image, that means they’re happy and the tshirt will be made and shipped.

You can charge a fairly good premium for this because it’s a one-of-a-kind shirt and they realize there was much more work involved with this shirt concept. However, your secret in the hole is the fact that it only costs you about $3.50 to make the shirt. That includes the cost of the tshirt! Of course, that’s NOT counting your marketing labor of going door-to-door and taking the pictures… etc.

Oh, here’s a great source for getting good quality shirts, too.

If you do this for every house in your town, then you can use that information to make even more money, based on another one of my ideas I posted here a while ago.

You can also do a co-op ad campaign with someone else by placing their ad on the customer’s door as well, while you’re there. That could increase your revenue for the day, without doing anything other than what you’re already doing.

Back to the shirts… if you get just 15 people (3%) of those 500 home owners to purchase from you, at a tshirt price of say $29.95, you’re making a profit of about $390 a day. If you do it in the right neighborhood (where people are fairly proud of their houses), you could make a considerable amount more. Meanwhile, you’re building a database of house pictures for the other idea of mine.

You could hire people off craigslist to do the actual door-to-door stuff for you and pay them $100 a day and pocket the rest and just concentrate on running the site. (Doing the image rendering and tshirt printing… etc.)

Oh, and Google might want your pictures too. For their new maps application. Who knows.

So much opportunity, so little time. 🙂

Oh… still some left. Check out my limited edition, “American Entrepreneur” tshirt.

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