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The prevailing thought on this decision is that cable operators can maintain their monopoly into people’s houses. However, I look at it differently.

By not forcing the owners of cable lines (the big guys like Comcast… etc) to open their lines into people’s homes allowing smaller competitors to use their infrastructure, this has forced smaller outfits to innovate.

How else can they get into people’s homes?

Wireless of course. With the advent of WiMax, these smaller guys now have a HUGE incentive to use methods such as WiMax to enter into people’s homes, bypassing the big guys altogether.

If I were a big guy, I’d be clamoring to get the little guys to use my network into customer’s homes and at least get a small piece of the pie for each connection. It’s better than getting nothing when they use other technologies to get to my customer. As a big fish, you don’t want to give your smaller, more nimble competitors incentives to invest in a technology that bypasses your infrastructure.

In the long run, by ruling the way they did on this issue, the Supreme Court has given a huge boost to future wireless technologies. At least in this case, I’m happy about their ruling.

Now, as for their property seizure (Kelo) ruling, I’ve got one thing to say regarding that piece of crap ruling…

Article II of the Amendments to the US Constitution.

Warning! Fairly hardcore statement follows… but it’s from the heart of a true conservative.

You’ll get my property after you’ve received a hailstorm of bullets from my gun and even then you’ll have to pry it from my dead fingers afterwords.

Communist bastards!

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  1. Hey Dan. A few things on my plate to talk about right now.

    First, good move to switch to WordPress (I’m a developer for WordPress) because I saw you have an old Blogger site still on this domain (through google results).

    Secondly, have you noticed any of the recent problems going on with this country? I read your post on the election back in 2004 and it got me to thinking about what’s happening today.

    In the recent days the government is going to vote about whether or not to take out the 10 commandments of public areas. They are voting on what text books to use for school because they want to take out ‘parents’ as a male and female and instead put in ‘people’. Many bad things are happening and it’s sad to see what’s going on today with the US.

    This country was founded on God back in who knows when and it should stay that way. You can’t take God out of the foundation of this country.

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