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I read DailyKos along with a few other liberal blogs to try to understand the “other side.” I typically come away more confused about the other side after reading the left leaning blogs because of their innate distrust and hatred for anything that puts America in a good light. They leave no room for “benefit of the doubt” or anything. (I’m generalizing, but in general, it’s true.)

I’ve NEVER agreed with any post that I’ve ever read on DailyKos. Never. Not once.

Until today.

Here is the post that I agree with Markos on.

It totally disgusts me as well. Military service should be something ALL walks of life in the US should seriously consider as a duty. It should not be looked upon as a crutch for the economically challenged. I know for me, it was a calling. Something that I was very proud of.

Case in point. Dr. Laura’s son, Deryk. Here is a young man from an extremely well to do family. He had every opportunity in the world to do whatever he wanted with his life. He chose military service straight out of high school. Not only military service, but special forces training in the US Army. You know… those guys that get killed alot during conflict.

Now that I think about this… the liberal blogosphere is very keen on deriding conservatives for their “not wanting to send their own sons and daughters into war” but yet when there are high profile cases such as Dr. Laura’s son, they are absolutely silent on the issue.

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  1. how is blog county going?

  2. I think conservatives may not want to have their children join the military, even though they’re not against it per se, because they don’t want some liberal wacko to use it illegitimately.

    And then again… who are the conservatives he mentions?

    Even the RINO’s?

    I do agree with his post in general so I’m amazed too. You’re so brave Dan!

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