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I recently purchased an EvDO card for my laptop so I can have high speed internet access while I’m travelling. (Here’s the Verizon site for EvDO.) I used it for the first time at a gift show in Seattle last month. It was FREAKING amazing! I got so much work done during that show, it turned out to be a non issue that I was gone from my business during the 5 days of the show. The show management company was selling high speed internet access for $500. Yes, that’s a 5 with two zeros behind it. I laughed myself silly when I saw that.

So, being the entrepreneur that I am, I decided to make some money with my card while I’m not using it. (Or at least pay for the service fee each month!) I’ve built a website that links to an ebay auction for the rental of the card. You can see the site here.

It remains to be seen whether this will actually work. I guess we’ll see in a few days. 🙂

Update here.

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  1. Hey Dan, any takers from the EvDO card yet??

  2. how do you rent the card-dont people have to sign up to an Isp – if you signed up to an I sp how can someone else use it??????

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