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Please, please, please, if I hear one more global warming comment regarding hurricanes Rita and Katrina, I swear, my head will burst and spin around and spew bile and say mean things about your mother. I’m so sick and tired of this drivel. Yes, the earth is getting warmer. So, the *uck what? It was REALLY warm millions of years ago, without the help of us evil humans. And it’ll probably get REALLY cold again, too. When are the liberals going to realize that we are A PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM!!! Yes, we have to be smart within reason, and not “piss in our yard” but let’s not go over the deep end (Kyoto) about it all.

Regarding the hurricanes, I’ve got one image for you, courtesy of the USA Today.

History of Category 3, 4 and 5 Hurricanes.

Now, please, fhut the suck up already, Ms. Streisand.


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  1. The Kyoto accords could not have been implemented in time to stop any of these storms even HAD their been any relationship between Kyoto and global warming anyway besides the relationship that exists in the marijuana fevered brains of most enviroLuddites.

    Kyoto is about destroying American productivity and envy, PERIOD.

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