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I’ve been reading about Chitika’s eMiniMall ad serving service. It’s all the buzz on the blogs. More about them here, here and here.

I’ve decided to give them a go. You’ll notice one of their ads below. The really unique feature is the dynamic interaction. Run your cursor over the ad and you’ll see what I mean.

As is everyone else, I’ll report back to see how this has done, compared to my Adsense banners on the right. (They don’t seem to be too contextualized, for some reason, which irks me.)

Update: Well, I thought I was going to be posting my first Chitika ad box, but it won’t show up for some reason. Can anyone out there tell me what I’m doing wrong? Chitika doesn’t seem to have any help on the actual posting of the code.

Update #2: I’ve decided to bag Chitika. Too many problems with trying to post it using WordPress and when I did get it to work, via a plugin, I couldn’t customize the products it showed. Plus, I absolutely hate when an ad does that flash dance thing when a site is loading. It did it when I tried to load it. It’s bad enough when Adsense does it.

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  1. You’ve pasted the Chitika code as _text_ in your post. View the source of this page : the javascript code is bugg0red with <br/> tags 🙂

    Since you are using (an outdated version of) WordPress, I really advise you to use the eMiniMall plugin :

  2. Unforutnately, I installed that plugin and now my entire backend is screwed up and I can’t even log in to my control panel.

    Ah… life in the fast lane. 🙂

  3. BTW: I actually tried to insert it as code and text, with no luck either way.

  4. Dan,

    As I point out on my post (link above) you can’t run Chitika with Google adsense on the same page as a contextually goverened ad.

    You have to insert an extra line of code in the Chitika FAQ to keep Google happy.


    PS Your post screening device is awfully hard to read even by us non computers.

  5. Hi Chuck,

    Yes, I’m aware of the non contextual feature that allows you to run it on the same page as adsense. I just had a lot of troubles with just running the silly thing to begin with, using WordPress. WordPress doesn’t allow you to post code in a blog post. There are plugins that enable you to do this, but it was cumbersome. I just gave up.

    Sorry about the screening device. I went to great lengths to prevent the assinine comment spam. I don’t want to fiddle with it now.

    Still waiting for my sample in the mail, Mr. Upline! 🙂

  6. My ads also do the chitika flashdance – I never realised it was a problem until you brought it up. Now I’m thinking – why does it have to be that way.

    I’ll see if I can find a solution to that.

    It’s my experience that Chitika eminimalls seem ideal for hard products. If you do a search for home loans and such there is nothing there yet. Point being – Chitika may not be good for every blog. Maybe intuitively you’ve realised that adsense is a better option for you.

    But I enjoyed reading your post since many others, as you have pointed out, myself among them, seem to be raving about Chitika eminimalls.


    Graeme Sprigge

  7. Did you get Chitika working yet?

    I got it on my blog on the side panel.

    Of course I don’t use word press for that but I’d think it’d be no harder than inserting Adsense… both are java script.


  8. I gave up on it, actually. WordPress is hell bent on making sure you can’t insert javascript into the actual posts. I’ve tried some plugins that allow you to theoretically do this, but they screwed the blog up in the process.

    But Chitika is only really good for product oriented sites, as I’m told. My site isn’t product oriented. So, no great loss.


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