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There has been much press recently regarding the decline of readership for newspapers. I’ve been tracking this for a while now. Even had a blog dedicated to it (until the reality of lack of time hit me in the face!)

I just got a call from our local rag called the Oregonian. We recently subscribed to the sunday paper for the ads. (My wife promised that she’d use the coupons… um, yeah, okay.)

So, I get a call from an ENTHUSIASTIC lady who wanted to let me know that because of my being such a good customer (been one now for about two months, mind you) that they were going to GIVE ME the daily paper for free. Gee. I sure was lucky, huh?

I told her to PLEASE not send me the daily paper. It was a complete waste of time and resources to send me the daily newspaper.

Guess what I had in my driveway the very next morning? And it wasn’t Sunday.

This industry is just about done. Put a fork in it.

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  1. Where did your posts go? I used to look forward to them…

  2. Maybe newspapers should reduce the ” vestigal activities” as Seth Godin mentions in his blog post here

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