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I just read on Drudge that the opening receipts for King Kong were the 21st best Wednesday opening in history. It didn’t even do as well as the Pokeman movie when it was released on a Wednesday.

I had to laugh. Only because I was reading all these glowing reviews and how it might become the biggest blockbuster in history…etc. All the while, I had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever, myself and I couldn’t imagine many people having an interest in it either.

The days of big monster movies are gone. We waved goodbye to that era when “Apple” was only something we ate. Jurassic Park was an exception only because they were monsters that actually roamed the earth. They were real, which lended a certain curiosity to it.

Just because you spend a LOT of money on a movie doesn’t mean people are going to want to see it. Even if it does have a compelling story and critcs fawn over it. It doesn’t matter. If the public in general doesn’t have an interest in the overriding subject matter (large apes), it’s going to flop.

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  1. Funny how you delete comments that dont agree with your point of view.

  2. I actually only delete comments when they are vulgar or distasteful. Even then, I’ll sometimes leave it if they’ve been man or woman enough to leave an actual email address.

    I assume you left a comment that was not civil in its tone. Would that be correct?

    My philosophy is, if your mom can’t read the comment you just made and be proud of what you just wrote, then it’s not civil enough to be on my blog.

  3. Actually, i left my correct email address.

    My posting just talked about why I thought King Kong was a great movie and that I was excited to see it…nothing offensive.

  4. this movie r0x0rs imo. i think. like. look at it d00d.

    not really it looks crap.

  5. Hi Dan,
    I couldn’t find an email to contact you directly so I will have to make do with the public forum. This message is re your earthquake prediction. (Have posted here to make sure you see it) I have only just come across it as this sort of thing never interested me in a serious way (yes I was a doubter!!) I pack shelves at night at a local supermarket. Last night at 7pm I felt the floor move in a wave – it was only one and it stopped my heart – it was a big one, although nothing on the shelves moved. We get a lot of tremors but never earthquakes and I admit I fear a horrific, slow (or fast actually) death buried under concrete. I looked at the other girls in amazement – nothing. No, they didn’t feel a thing, didn’t know what I was talking about, “are you OK?”. The shoppers noticed nothing. I have always been physically very insensitve, often don’t notice scratches, when pains start etc, also vague generally. Nothing like this has ever happened before. At 2am this morning we got a tremor that everyone (who was awake) felt. It rattled our louvres and felt big to me. I woke my boyfriend up who said “You woke me up for that?” and went back to sleep as I scooted out of the house. Later the same morning we found that there had been a 7.7 earthquake in the Banda Sea – 700km??? – not sure how far but fairly close & apart from the little tremor nothing had been affected.

    Sorry to be so long winded and contact you this way (I am generally not a fan of contacting total strangers like this) but I need an explanation and am surrounded by people like me / no clue / no idea / and don’t even beleive it (before last night) for that matter. It frightened me a little and I want as much info as I can get on it. I don’t even know if it will happen again. Did you have periods where you didn’t feel anything? If so, was anything happening at the time that may have caused a lack of the ‘thing’? What exactly is it that you feel? Do you know others – personally – who have/get/feel this ‘thing’,

    Thankyou for your time.

    Domestic: $215,091,320 40.0%
    + Overseas: $323,228,432 60.0%

    = Worldwide: $538,319,752

    Half a billion dollars hardly seems like a flop. Production costs were around 207 Million. Certainly seems successful.

  7. I meant more out of the gate receipts. Domestic receipts were anticipated to be MUCH more than what it ended up being. A movie with this kind of hype should have done close to a billion worldwide. But yeah, you’re right. Definitely not a “flop”. 🙂

  8. Dan,

    Where have you been, I like your posts and have been checking just about everyday for updates – you been busy?



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