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I had a small milestone the other day in my entreprenuerial journey. This may have occurred before, but a few days ago is the first day that I actually noticed. I had sales from 5 of my businesses all in one day. That’s 5 streams of income that are actually bringing in money. Of course, the challenge is to do the things necessary to grow them all.

I was watching a special on Leonardo Da Vinci the other night and it quoted from one of his notebooks, wherein he said something to the affect of:

To create an idea from nothing is noble but to carry out the idea into practice is servitude.

I’m VERY much paraphrasing here, since his was so much more profound, as you might imagine.

I’m diligently working on my biggest project to date. Technical details are holding us back (I absolutely despise the crappy details of establishing an SSL secure server for taking orders… despise it, I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I can’t wait to reveal it to you to get your opinions and of course, your business, as each and every person that has access to the internet in the US and other western nations could use my new website at some point. Talk about a target market, hey? 🙂

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about this new project you are working on.. are you still updating this blog?



  2. Dan,

    It’s too bad you don’t blog much anymore. I’d love to hear about your multiple streams of revenue.

    – Nick

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