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Hello everyone. Let me first say, I hate when bloggers open their posts with an apology for not posting to their blog for "x" amount of time. Like they’re God’s gift to blogging and somehow everyone’s life has stopped because they weren’t getting new posts from this particular blogger. So, no apologies since I’m sure you’ve been fine in my absence. Ha!

However, I will tell you why I’ve been away for so long. Busy!!! I just don’t see how consistent bloggers find the time to add to their blog on a daily basis. Yowza!! I’m actually trying to find a full time assistant to help out with my businesses, but I can’t seem to find one competent enough to take the wage I’m offering, in this competitive job market. Woe is me.

But I needed to get this post written in a timely manner since I think it’ll be important to document this. As many of you might know, if you followed my blog in 2004, I made a prediction regarding earthquake/seismic activity, which culminated in the Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent tsunami. I won’t repeat all the details here about how I can predict seismic activity…etc. If you need a refresher, you can read what I said in the past and then come back here.

The thing that happens in my ears is happening again. I woke up this morning with I’d say about 30% to 40% hearing loss in my left ear. Not quite as bad as what happened leading up to the Indonesian earthquake in 2004. But it’s definitely the second worse I’ve ever seen it. I usually get this thing in my ear for perhaps 30 seconds or so and then it goes away. That is usually good enough to precede a pretty sizeable seismic event. So, when it lasts this long (it’s already been about 3 hours since I woke up and it’s persisting), I can’t help but think we’re in store for a VERY sizeable seismic event soon. The one preceding the Indonesian event lasted for days before my hearing was back to normal.

I wish I had a scientist interested enough to test my hearing and try to reproduce what it is that I hear before seismic events. Sure would be interesting. But meanwhile, all I have is this blog to communicate to the world what happens to me before such events and when they actually happen. Unfortunately, I can’t pin it down to a time or a location. With the Indonesian one, the thing with my ears happened a full 4 months prior to the event (although there were two 7.0 earthquakes in Japan within 24 hours of my post that detailed what was happening with my ears.)

Anyway, there you have it. It’s down on "paper" so to speak. Now let’s see what mother nature has in store for us. 🙁

Update 4/21/06: Very large quake happened in Siberia. Remote area but quakes of this size do not happen very often. Watch the next 3 or 4 months though. I think there will be a bigger one. At least based on my experience with the auditory signals I get preceeding seismic events.

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  1. But my life WAS put on hold when you didn’t blog.


    Well sort of!

    Well not much,but glad you’re back!

  2. run a google search on June 2, 2006 + 700 ton explosion (planned by US military. there is no telling what the ripple effect of the vibration from that will have on the earth.

  3. It may be that the intensity of the sound and sensation you feel tells us something different than the duration of your deafness. For instance, you had your first truly large quake prediction about four months prior to the event of Sumatra. That’s quite an advance warning. I have to wonder, was the severity of the deafness and its duration indicators of magnitude while the sound and sensation speak to distance in the future, or perhaps the reverse.

    For a scientific treatment to ear tones prior to earthquakes, follow the last link below. In short, what you are hearing and feeling are very low and ultra low electromagnetic frequency bands. They are caused by a charge build up below the lithosphere (deep crust) and indicate that the magma inside our planet is an electrified plasma (just as is our ionosphere above). This theory runs contrary to the standard model, but people like you and our newly developed ability to measure these frequency bands is proving that we were wrong about what makes earth tick.

    The newest thinking is that the charge differential between our inner plasma and our outer plasma sheath is the cause for the electrical discharges we experience above and below the earth. Electrical stress builds and then discharges dramatically, just as with atmospheric lightning. Above the cloud deck, we observe Sprites, Elves and other electrical discharges upward into the ionosphere and out into space. Apparently, charge builds up below the earth as well. The plasma inside our planet, like all plasmas, is comprised of charged ions that mass separate into heavier and lighter elements. This separation allows an electrical current to form (Birkeland filaments). When the relationship between the electrical balance below us and above us becomes too great, Kapow!

    Some of our earthquakes are due to drift and subduction, but not all. Those that are caused by electrical discharge deep in the earth are the ones you are most sensitive to Dan. Having said that, even the usual types have an electrical precursor, only more immediate to the event. You see, as rocks suffer and strain under pressure they begin to emit charged ions. These charged particles reach a critical mass of positive charge just prior to a quake{B0D4BC0E-D59B-4CD0-9E79-113953A58644}/Freund_Current%20and%20surface.pdf#search=’pholes’


    Perhaps the most surprising aspect of all of this is that not all earthquakes are the result of land masses sliding and colliding, some are of purely electrical nature, which are the most violent, as in Sumatra’s case. I would encourage you to keep a diary of your sensations. Create a chart where you can rate your experiences on a scale that can be graphed. Treat each aspect separately (deafness on a 1 to 10 scale, duration in days, sensations by type and intensity and so on). I’d bet I can tell you what kind of earthquake is coming and how far into the future it will be if you broke that all out for me. For more on ear tones go here:

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