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I just read one of most assinine things I’ve read in a while. Evidently, the mayor of San Francisco has decided, in his infinite wisdom that SF will not abide by any laws passed by congress if it has to do with enforcing the prevention of illegal entry into the US.

This guy is amazing. I hope it does pass so that he is arrested and charged with whatever it is that you are charged with when you don’t uphold the rule of law as an elected official. Such an ass. It’s okay to have an opinion, but to break the law in the course of your official duties is just amazing.

Here is the article

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we lock down the CA border? Then allow them to admit whomever they want into CA. They can just fling open their border to Mexico. It can become Mexico north. When it gets so unliveable that they start rethinking what they did, we’ll just have to tell them that our borders are tight and you can’t move to the rest of the USA. You made your bed, now lie in it… in other words.

Think about this folks… Mexico has been around for much longer than the US. They’ve had WAAAAYYYY more time to make Mexico a great place to live. A country that you wouldn’t want to leave. Why is it that they haven’t gotten it right? What makes them want to come to the US? I’ll tell you why… because our values and culture have made our society desirable to live within. So, if we allow unchecked immigration into our country, by people who make up a country that is NOT desirable to live in… WE SLOWLY BECOME A COUNTRY THAT IS UNDESIRABLE TO LIVE IN AS WELL. Think!!!! Mexico isn’t undesirable to live in because of the dirt there. The dirt is the same as here in the US. It’s not undesirable to live there because of the beaches… heck, the beaches are nice. Let’s see… what is it that makes it undesirable to live there…. hmmm… let’s think REALLLLLYYYYY hard… maybe it’s the sun… it’s too hot. Nope. It’s hot in Arizona, but Arizona is a great place to live. How about the houses there. No, you can build a really nice house in Mexico, too. Just like here in the US. Hmmmm… still thinking… hmmm…

I know… ding! It’s the PEOPLE!!! Now, don’t get me wrong… there are nice people everywhere, including undesirable places to live. But it’s their culture. It’s their every day standards. It’s the way they choose to live in their cities… from the planning of their cities, to their corruption…etc. But all that stems from the people. The people make a society. Not the buildings (people make the buildings), not the weather, not the food, not the location in relation to any other country… it’s the PEOPLE. So, if you extend that logic out. If the same people that make Mexico an undesirable place to live, move to the US. What happens to the US, slowly, over time?


It doesn’t take rocket science here, folks. We should have controlled, legal immigration, from all nations including Mexico. But ONLY if they agree to and have a desire to assimilate into our way of living. If they cannot do that, and they feel their own culture should be brought with them, then why don’t they STAY in that culture if it was such a great culture that you must cling to it when you enter into another country.

This whole topic irritates me. Liberals yell discrimination when people say the things I just got done saying. But facts are facts. It has nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with protecting our culture and our borders. If we want to become what Mexico is… just keep allowing the flood of illegal immigrants in and see what happens.

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  1. A bit of a rant, but you get the point across.

    In South Africa, we have the same problem with people crossing our borders from Zimbabwe. According to our government, there’s ‘nothing we can do to stop them’. I can think of a few things…

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