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This is by no means a prediction based on any particular information. I’m just pointing out that they love to pick memorable days to do their evil upon mankind. The date of 5/5/06 is obviously a pretty memorable date. So is 6/6/06 that’s coming up next month. Of course, since that’s the mark of the beast in Christianity, that would be fitting since their ideology and beliefs are of the devil.

Anyway, watch and wait tomorrow (the 5th.) God only knows what they have up their sleeve.

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  1. Hey, I was born on 5-6-78, that’s not what I wanted for a birthday present.

  2. Amazing… I had someone comment on this post saying the following:
    >>> “Their ideology and beliefs are of the devil”?

    That’s rather judgemental, no? Maybe “they” wouldn’t so vengent if Americans weren’t so ignorant.

    I don’t like the way many Americans are either. Fortunately for everyone I have an education and know how to deal with my dislike.
    First, he/she says they’re educated but they use a completely non-sensical word like “vengent.”

    But more to the point… incredibly, they infer that ignorant Americans are to blame for Islamofacists attacking America.

    Sadly, this is the mindset of much of the left (not all, but much of it.) And they wonder why they lose elections.

    Oh… and the comment was deleted because they did not leave a valid email address. Folks… if you can’t take responsibility for what you say in public, your comment will not stay on this site. So, why bother, if you’re not going to take responsibility for it?

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