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I wrote about this idea a long time ago. Since then, backup services have become cheaper and cheaper. They are now so cheap, it really doesn’t make sense to rely soley on an inhouse backup system that is susceptible to theft and damage during natural disasters, along with the main computer.

Check out this $5, unlimited online backup service.  That’s right… unlimited backup for $5 a month and it’s continually secure from theft or damage because it’s on the web. It’s also VERY automated and very hands off. Set it once and never worry about backing up again. It’s truly remarkable that computer storage space has gotten so affordable.

But the nice thing is, they have an affiliate program. They pay up to $3 per lead that you bring to them. That means the customer only has to enter their name, email address and download the software. That’s it. You get $3 for that. (This is because I can’t imagine someone not continuing the service after the trial and I’m sure they have an extremely good retention rate.)

But read my original computer backup idea and then apply it to this new program. Just go door to door, with a nicely done business card that just says, "Unlimited Online Backup – $5/month" then the URL to your own site that forwards to your affiliate link. On your site, offer to help them if they have any problems at all (giving your personal number and email address.) If no one is home, leave it at the door. Or just leave it at the door without knocking. Whatever. If you could manage to get 25 people a day to enter their email address and name and download the software, you’ll be making $75 a day. I would imagine you’d have to pass out about 500 cards a day to do this and with business cards being so cheap now a days, it’s doable.

If nothing else, you should get it yourself. 

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  1. Awesome idea!!

  2. I’m glad you’re posting again.

    I love reading your business ideas.

    I’ll link back to this one on my blog.


  3. Carbonite seems to be a little crooked in how they posture their service.
    This guy tried to use their service and found out that the backup wasn’t actually unlimited. Apparently they cap it at about 100GB, which would be completely reasonable, if they had advertised that.

  4. You’re right, they shouldn’t say “unlimited” but it’s still a great service and good deal for most people.

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