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Update: Here’s our press release.

Here’s a really cool marketing/office/home product. They’re called Genius Pads and are finally available in the US. Basically, they’re huge sticky notes that measure about 1 foot by 1 foot. I can’t tell you how many uses I can think of for this product. I’ll be writing about some as time goes on.

Oh, and I forgot to mention… I’m the one selling them. 🙂 Yep, that’s my site at I saw this product about 6 months ago somewhere on a blog. I went to the site selling them and realized they were ONLY available in the UK. I paid $65 to have a pad of 300 shipped to me here in the US.

Spotting an opportunity, I arranged to be the US distributor for the product with the original manufacturers, and viola! was born.

Spot an opportunity, formulate a plan and implement. It’s called Entrepreneurialism.

More about uses for this product as time goes on. Watch this space!!  🙂 

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  1. Congratulations, that’s one I wish I had found!

    While there is an incredible amount of opportunity, it’s hard to implement if you don’t have the necessary cash.

    Several years ago while doing online research, I found a regional franchise out West. I thought the business concept was extremely well-suited for my 50K town, and worked out a plan which included
    a great location which was to become available several months down the road. (I knew that the coffee shop at that location had an expiring lease which the lessor was not going to renew.)

    But as I had no money, I was not able to implement the plan, and an extended illness (with no income) forced relocation.

    As some wiseguy said, capitalism without capital is just another ism.

  2. This is a fallacy. A capital intensive business takes and intensive amount of capital. That’s like saying, “I can’t swim because I can’t swim the English Channel.”

    Entrepreneurialism is about creating a service or product in exchange for money. If you don’t have a lot of capital, you have to concentrate on ideas that don’t require a lot of money. I see at least 10 a week in my everyday life.

    Capitalism to me is the freedom to GENERATE capital from the springboard of an idea. It has nothing to do with having capital to begin with.

  3. I’m not sure how much “a lot of capital” is to you, but I earn minimum wage and barely squeak by. Do you see ideas which take less than $100 to get started?

    Right now I have a locally-oriented web idea (which could ultimately be expanded nationally or even globally). What’s odd is that I’ve come up with several good domain names but those names are already taken and parked – as far as I can tell, people seem to have independently come up with the concept but nobody is DOING it locally yet, and I’m not sure what that means.

  4. Almost every idea I’ve started was with basically no capital or some cash advances off a credit card, when I first started acting on my ideas. It had to, since I didn’t have anything to put in to it. If an idea compels you enough, you’ll find the little money you need to start it up. If you can’t find enough money, find another idea that doesn’t require so much money.

  5. hello

    I’m an entrepreneur in France
    I like your ideas, but how do you create fast websites to promote your businesses?

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