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Terrorists love to do things on dates that are memorable from a number standpoint. You can’t get much more memorable than 7/7/07. Will we have an attack today? It’s a little after midnight now… we’ll see, I guess. Hope not!

Meanwhile… some updates on all the projects I’m working on: – This is my over sized sticky note business, that sells 1 foot by 1 foot sticky notes. It’s coming along nicely. We just recently got some mention somewhere since business has picked up dramatically. Right now, it’s doing about $100 to $500 a day in business. – Prepaid faxing service. This was just launched a couple weeks ago. Very slow since no one knows about it yet. I need to do some press releases…etc. Income is negligible. – We’re in the middle of revamping this site to offer the awards free of charge, with an upgrade option of buying a hard copy certificate. So, the site is non functional right now. Once we get it back up and running, I suspect it’ll start slow and build. Maybe $20 to $100 a day in revenue.

Great American Collectibles – This is one of my businesses that has languished, when it comes to my efforts to grow the company. But I will be putting more effort into it in the coming months. We’re going to be coming out with a new line of miniature carved collectibles. The characters will only be 1.5" tall and will be just about as cute as you can get.

Right now we have the following lines of collectibles… Uncle Sams, Old World Witches, Old World Santas and a line called "Flatys". – Without even trying hard, this company is doing about $40K in annual revenue. I need to flesh out the infrastructure more to facilitate more clients and this could easily grow to well over $250K a year within a 12 month period. – This is one of my businesses that is too labor intensive to grow. So I’ve allowed it to stop growing. We still get an order every once in a while, but my plan to automate it has fallen through. I was going to get some help from a Chinese outfit, to perfect my methods of getting stickys printed through a more efficient method, but I can’t find a company that can do it to my specifications. – This is an exciting project that is not completed yet. So, there’s nothing at the site. But it’s one of my most promising ideas (in my humble opinion) and I can’t wait to launch it. Can’t wait. Stay tuned.

I have other business ventures that I don’t mention, only because of business confidentiality. But they are all going along smoothly.

You just gotta start small and work each and every idea that comes to you, to at least some degree or another. But be discerning. If an idea is not fleshing out to be potentially profitable, drop it like a hot potato and move on.

Watch your back today. Don’t go to a major city and if you live in one… get up early and take a drive into the country. Never hurts to be too careful. 



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