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I’ve been working on this project for more than a year. We’ve finally launched this nifty service into public beta.

Imagine your home address being "ShermanHouse" instead of "12456 SW Sheppard Ln, Leandro TX 76895." Do you think it would be easier to convey to someone your address, if that were the case?

That’s what we’re working towards with our new service at

Mapcuts are map "shortcuts" to any location on earth. Even a tree or a swingset on a playground. Every single square meter on earth has its own Mapcut.

If Mapcut goes where I want it to go, someday, you’ll be able to write "ShermanHouse" on an envelope and it’ll make it to wherever you currently live. Your address (mapcut) will never change, even if you move over the years.

So go to and check out what your free Mapcut is. Everyone has one and they are free. (We have Premium ones too, where you can choose your own word or phrase and they stay with you forever.)

Make sure you give us some feedback if you have any comments or problems…etc. It’s in beta, so we’re actively seeking feedback.

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