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  1. Dan,

    I’m surprised that you are such a staunch republican when you have a better idea then most how much they funnel our tax dollars into the black budget each year. Just how far they have gone to close the door on FOIA documents that would prove your NSA experiences and the existence of our visitors. Granted the Democrats are lacking any religious high ground on almost every important issue that deals with respect for human life but this gives no glory to those who think that just because they are on the party of Lincoln the end justifies the means when it comes to lies and deceptions. It is time that Jews and Christians that believe in the Bible understand that the God of the Bible has a special distain for luke-warm pragmatic dealers in ethics that are willing to sacrifice truth for politcal power.

  2. Hi Spaceforce,

    I can appreciate your viewpoint. But your opinion is formed in a vacuum and assuming way too many things.

    Most of the black budget (95% of it I would imagine) is necessary not only from the standpoint of funding but to keep secret from any and everyone without a need to know and yes, even the American public. Because if the American public knows about it, that means those that want to do us harm also know about it. We absolutely MUST keep the upper hand when it comes to military technology. It’s not an option. If we don’t, we risk being completely annihlated by evil people.

    Now the 5% of the budget that goes towards grey projects (I’m just guessing… no proof one way or another), you are assuming that our elected leaders know about this. I’m convinced that they don’t.

    FOIA is a joke. Plain and simple. It’s an appeasement program to give noisy people the impression that they can actually access important information. You aren’t going to get anything through FOIA that is detrimental to the security of the US. Which means you will only get inconsequential information. And that’s as it should be. The part that we SHOULD have access to relating to alien knowledge (having nothing to do with national security) can’t be accessed via FOIA because it’s not even in the same system of informational protocols. It would be like going to Target to buy a live dolphin. It’s impossible.

    I don’t associate elected leaders with evil in the government just because they’re part of the government. Whether they be republican or democrat. If evil exists in the system, it’s not controllable by a leader that changes every 4 to 8 years.

    I do, however, associate evil with people who completely diregard the right of an unborn child to live while at the same time CELEBRATING the right of the so called mother to kill it. I know that sounds harsh, given the wholesale acceptance of the murder that goes on every day in abortion clinics, but it’s how I feel. And no matter how it’s spun, it’s the cold hard truth.

    I wish you success and thanks for reading the blog.


  3. I’m with you on the abortion issue but I gotta say that the whole idea behind a black budget is to keep any trace ability of funding for black projects (and as you have pointed out in your book, ultimately grey projects) away from anyone but the very top echelons of our intelligence and military structure and then only with a “need to know.” Thus the disconnect from accountability and a middle finger in the face of those who pay for this budget (taxpayers) and those who are elected to manage these taxes (our Congress.) This ideology that the people of a democracy cannot be told the truth about such projects because it would then compromise our technological edge and thus our ability to fight the enemy is not built on a solid constitutional foundation but is a smokescreen for those who have disconnected from accountability and now have the power to justify it by surrounding themselves with their own membership rules.

    James Madison once said, “A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or tragedy or perhaps both.”

    And how would you know that 95% of the black budget is necessary? By its very nature it is unknown to all but a few of our elected officials and by 2006 estimated to be about 20% of the DoD’s classified budget:

    And if we are to believe your book, all this money really revolves around the center of the onion, which are grey projects directly linked to alien technology which has been hidden from the American tax payer’s who pay for this for at least the last 50 years!

    And guess who is trying to slam the door even tighter on the trickle down effect of classified to declassified information that would and should lead to the truth regarding such matters that directly affect the future of Humanity? Mr. George Bush and his rampant over use of 9/11 and Homeland Security to reclassify mounds of information that will now hinder our research and scientific communities from avoiding redundant projects.

    I voted for Bush because I believed and still believe that he was less of a threat to this nation then John Kerry. But I didn’t give him the OK to continue the lies and disinformation without fighting for the truth.

    Without truth and accountability to God and our fellow man, all the technology in the universe will not prevent our destruction!

    Lastly, I respect your book “Above Black” and recommend that everyone read it. But for the life of me I can’t understand how you can defend the very system that almost destroyed you?

    “In a vacuum and waiting for the bag to be changed.”- Spaceforce

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