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This is one of the better ideas out of the many that came to me today. So good, I’ve already reserved a domain for it… just in case I want to launch it in one of my all too infrequent spare moments. The domain I registered was

The idea, like so many of my ideas, is one you can start for under $200 and you can start tomorrow, really. Also like so many of my ideas, it was spawned from something unpleasant in my life or is a need going unfulfilled.

I HATE vacuuming, yet I hate it slightly less than many of the other tedious chores that are needed in the house. So, when Allison and I first got hitched, I agreed it would be my chore. Since there’s ALWAYS money in specialization, why not specialize in JUST vacuuming people’s houses? There are services who do just shampooing, why not specialize in vacuuming? It’s a chore people hate to do (okay, my sister-in-law loves it, but MOST people don’t) and usually wind up doing it only after small critters are running around inside the carpet and they become too embarrasing in front of company.

This one would be a cinch. Advertise $10 for a 1 story house, $15 for a 2 story house for your first visit. Of course, put a maximum square footage in the ad so you don’t get Bill Gates calling you wanting you to vacuum his 9 million square foot house by the lake. The “first time flat rate” deal would get people to call you at least for the first visit. That’s the biggest hurdle. Once they see how clean cut you are and how handsome (or pretty) you are and the absolutely stupendous job you do for them, they’ll be hooked on you.

Upon leaving from that first appointment, you leave your card with a custom quote for continuing to vacuum their place since you’ll be able to see just how long it takes to do their particular house. Even at $10, you’d still make some money. A 3 bedroom/2 bath average house will only take MAYBE 20 minutes. If you make sure you have a REALLY good vacuum cleaner, with a wide head and really powerful so that it picks things up without going over them over and over and over (ah-hem… that would be our piece of plastic hell), you’d make a pretty good living.

This can be advertised in the local paper or on flyers, door to door. You can even hang signs up if that’s even remotely legal in your neck of the woods. You’d also want to keep it confined to a particular area or town just for ease of travel between jobs.

Okay… the painful part… licensing. Some towns require domestic help be licensed. Of course, there’s the bonding that you’d want to do. Lots of people won’t hire you unless you’re bonded. (You could probably start without it but I would definitely get it at some point. WARNING: Not legal advice. Consult a pointy headed ambulance chaser before proceeding down that road. No offense to lawyers reading this. I’d own one myself but they’re too expensive and hard to train to make doodoo outside.)

This is a really good idea to partner with someone to implement it. One can work on marketing, scheduling… etc. The other does the actual work. The marketing person could of course grab a suckbag and help out if needed.

Potential earnings… oh, you could do $4000 a month, with the right mix of first time jobs and subsequent, higher paying repeat jobs.

Had about six ideas today. It’s about time for bed, so I won’t get to the other five. But I’ve got plenty of room and time for more, later.

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Now get bizzy!

Bizzy Man Dan

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