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I use a small, external hard drive to backup my work computer files to and once a week (in theory) I bring it home to hook it up to my home computer and I download the newly backed up info to my home computer. This way, regardless of which computer goes down, I have the same info in three different locations.

Okay, that being said, I usually ACTUALLY do it once a month.

Backing up computers is the single most important task anyone who relies on their computer can do on a regular basis. But hardly anyone does it.

Well, there’s a service now that will provide the “go between” infrastructure between your home and work computer for a low monthly fee. (Currently $4.95 for a home/work configuration.) The nice thing, it’s all instantaneous and works in the background. You change something on your work computer and it’s automatically changed on your home computer and vice versa. You never have to worry about backing up again.

The service is called FolderShare and it works like a charm.

They don’t currently have an affiliate program but they do have a partnership program where you can sort of private label the service.

So, you could concentrate on the local level. You can bet about 1 in 5 houses (or better) have someone that needs a good backup solution. You can incorporate my post-it note idea and just go door to door advertising your services. For a setup fee of $50 and $6.95 a month, you’ll come to their house and set them up on a back up service never having to worry about backing up their stuff again.

If you have a fat pipe into your house or office, you can even provide the other side of the back up and charge them a little more each month to pay for the hard drive space (it’s really cheap now.)

Let your mind wander over this idea. It has flaws, but so does Paris Hilton and she’s still purdy to look at. 🙂

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