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I don’t know what I’d do without my toll free phone service. I have 6 toll free phone numbers all accessible via an online webpage. The service I use allows me to create marketing campaigns and track them geographically. I can change the ring-to numbers in real time and I can block calls from certain parts of the country. I can block calls coming from pay phones. There’s a ton of features that brought me to this particular company.

But one of the biggest reasons I use them is because you get to choose from a huge list of toll free numbers to use. You can get repeaters like this one 1-877-670-9292 for only $5 setup fee and $5 a month plus usage charges (which is 6.9 cents a minute.) Or if you need something even more memorable, you can choose from a list of vanity numbers like this one 1-888-5-CAREER for $25 setup fee and $25 a month. You can even get an original 800 number like this one 1-800-999-2911 for $500 a month. Not sure why someone would put such a premium on having an actual “800” number, but I guess some think it’s that important. But if you want to get off really cheap, they have regular numbers for $2 a month, like 1-888-894-0806.

Getting to choose your own number from 100s of numbers is really nice, but this is where the service is valuable for us entrepreneurs. What’s the first thing besides a website that we need for a new business? A phone number. But if you have 3 businesses going on at the same time, how do you share your phone with all three and still seem credible in your customer’s eyes? With the service I use, I can have all of them ring to my cell phone and when the call comes in, my cell phone will display which of my toll free numbers the caller is calling. That way, if I want to answer it, I can answer it with the right company name. But if I don’t want to answer it, I’ve set it up so that it’ll go to its own voicemail instead of waiting for my cell phone’s voicemail to pick it up. That way, I can have the option of answering all my business’ calls from one location, but if I can’t answer, each has it’s own voicemail, customized to that particular business.

It’s a life saver and it only cost me (at the minimum) $2 a month, per number, plus usage of 6.9 cents per minute.

You can’t beat that with a stick. I love the fact that there isn’t a monthly service fee to use all the features, like voicemail and all that. If you look at all the features it has, there’s not one service out there that can compete with it price wise.

One more nifty feature… it’ll deliver my voicemails to me via email. So, I never have to call into the voicemail box to retrieve my messages if I don’t want to. Sweet.

Check it out when you get a chance.

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